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Biden Faces Growing Pressure as Supporters Seek Change

Photo : AFP

Democratic Party insiders are increasingly divided over President Joe Biden's reelection prospects, with a wave of concern surfacing publicly about his ability to secure victory in 2024. More than 50 interviews conducted recently with Democratic officials, lawmakers, and strategists reveal a growing sentiment that Biden's candidacy may imperil their hold on the White House and jeopardize down-ballot races.

Representative Scott Peters of California exemplifies the unease, expressing waning confidence in Biden's campaign. He suggests that if victory seems elusive, Democrats would be wise to explore alternative paths forward. Similarly, Representative Angie Craig of Minnesota has publicly urged Biden to step aside, citing doubts about his capability to effectively compete against former President Donald Trump.

Behind closed doors, members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) remain largely supportive but acknowledge emerging fissures. Many, like Mark LaChey, a former Michigan Democratic Party official, advocate for a change in leadership, citing concerns about Biden's campaign momentum and signs of aging.

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Despite public statements of support, doubts persist about Biden's age and performance, particularly following lackluster debates. Geoff Duncan, a former Georgia lieutenant governor and previous Biden supporter, has raised alarms about the president's physical and mental acuity after witnessing his debate performance against Trump.

Efforts are underway among delegates to gauge support for potential alternatives ahead of the party convention. Initiatives like "Pass the Torch" are gaining traction, urging Biden to step aside in favor of a more viable candidate.

In response to mounting pressure, Biden remains resolute, vowing to continue campaigning vigorously. His advisors highlight strong grassroots fundraising and steadfast support from key Democratic leaders, despite polls indicating widespread skepticism about his ability to serve another term.

As internal debates intensify, Democrats grapple with strategic uncertainties and the potential implications of a contested nomination process so close to Election Day. While many DNC members stand firmly behind Biden, discussions about contingency plans underscore deep-seated concerns within the party.

This moment underscores a critical juncture for Democrats as they navigate between loyalty to Biden and concerns about electoral viability, setting the stage for potentially turbulent dynamics leading up to the 2024 election.

July 7, 2024 5:32 p.m. 452

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